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Now more and more customized gift products will appear in our vision. Enterprise gift customization is that some companies that customize gifts customize products according to the specific needs of customers, and then the enterprises can transfer them to their own customer groups after processing as promotional or feedback products. Custom pens are one of them. Today, we recommend a custom pen - a retro metal ballpoint pen with a rotating core.

What is a custom pen?

Customized pens are made according to customers' requirements in terms of styles, colors, materials and patterns. However, few people choose such customization. Most of them choose a wholesale stationery store on the Internet, and then choose a pen style. Tell the other party about the words or patterns you want regularly, and they will do it according to your requirements. And if you choose a high-end pen, the packaging box is also customized.


Types of customized pens

Customized pens have various styles, such as concept gift pens, concept advertising pens, concept drawing brushes, concept drawing pens, advertising neutral pens, ball pens, cartoon advertising pens, bracelet pens, fluorescent pens, blue and white porcelain pens, functional pens, wooden advertising pens, etc. High grade metal pens, pens, and exquisite packaging boxes make your customized pens more fashionable.


Four main use purposes of enterprise customized gift pens

1. Brand communication purpose: Brand gift pen - brand is the symbol and guarantee of product quality, which can gain greater trust from consumers. Brand is the spokesman of high quality and the embodiment of famous brand. The appeal of famous brands can promote our products to be famous all over the world, become a more influential brand, and become a more powerful brand. Famous brands shape famous brands, and famous brands spread famous brands. The combination of the strong and the strong, complementing each other's advantages and complementing each other, can promote our greater success.

2. Business purpose: As a business gift of elegance, taste, classics, carrying ideological strength and artistic and cultural connotation, your gift enables your customers, leaders, relatives and friends to experience unprecedented humanistic honor and enjoyment, no matter in business or communication occasions. At the same time, it will also bring more successful impetus to your interpersonal relationship, career and family, and further enhance the good image of you and the company.

3. Advertising purpose: pen, in the 8 hours of work every day, "the pen is always in front of you." It reflects its most valuable advertising effect. In order to meet your various advertising needs, we can make the advertising text and patterns you need in the pen body, pen clip, pen cap and other parts through a variety of processes. You can not only get the best gifts, but also enjoy the most timely, most intuitive, most vigorous, most frequent use, most humanized, most thoughtful advertising effect.




Brief introduction of our retro metal ballpoint pen with a rotating core

1. The rotary cored vintage metal ballpoint pen has a high face value, simple and high-grade, and feels good when holding the pen.

2. The revolving core out retro metal ballpoint pen adopts retro penholder, which is rich in color, beautiful and comfortable, exquisite and elegant.

3. The metal baking paint pen holder is selected with high-quality metal coating. The baking paint is bright and textured, and the pen line is smooth. The paint will not fall off after long-term use, and the color will always remain the same as new.

4. It is easy to carry by rotating the core. The high-quality core is of moderate thickness, smooth writing and continuous inking.

5. Easy core change. Rotate and disassemble, insert and pull the core, and there are spiral grooves inside, so the rotation is smooth. The internal parts are reinforced and can be used for a long time.


Purchasing guide for promotional and customized pens

Enterprises should pay attention to skills when choosing advertising pens as promotional gifts. Enterprises need to purchase gift pens of different styles and grades for different purposes and applicable places. For example, in grand meetings and business negotiations, high-end gift pens such as business pens and metal pens should be selected; In promotional activities or market research activities, you can choose cheap ball pens, concept drawing brushes, etc.

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Name: Kerry W.        time:2022-11-07 13:45:41
Pens were the same as the picture. Very neat and clean job. Delivery on time. Thank you very much.

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