HiLaud Promo


 We are Custom Flashlight Promotional Gift Manufacturer and Supplier in China. Our flashlight market is mainly for USA and Canada.

Our flashlights are mainly used as promotional gifts, and we can help you custom design flashlight styles and print logos.

There are two main categories of flashlights:

  1. It is a traditional hand-held flashlight, which can use dry batteries or rechargeable batteries.

  2. It is a key chain flashlight, generally using a button battery, which is discarded after one-time use

Flashlight material:

  • Aluminum alloy flashlight;

  • Plastic flashlight;

The lamp beads are all LED now, according to the usage scenario, you can add lamp beads of different colors

Flashlights are widely used in developed countries. Developed countries like mountaineering and camping lights for outdoor activities, and they are basically equipped with them.

Printing: screen printing, pad printing, laser