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Non Woven Bag

What is non-woven bag?

Non-woven bag (also known as non-woven bag,) is a green product, tough and durable, beautiful in appearance, good air permeability, reusable, washable, screen printing advertisements, marks, and long service life.

Non-woven bags are made of non-woven fabrics. It is a new generation of environmentally friendly materials. It is moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light in weight, non-combustible, easy to decompose, non-toxic and non-irritating, rich in color, low in price, and recyclable. Features. The material can be naturally decomposed when placed outdoors for 90 days, and has a service life of up to 5 years when placed indoors.

Non-woven fabric is a kind of non-woven fabric, which is a new type of fiber product with soft, breathable and flat structure formed directly by high polymer chips, short fibers or filaments through various fiber web forming methods and consolidation techniques. The advantages of non-woven bags compared with traditional plastic bags: non-woven bags are cheap and high-quality, environmentally friendly and practical, widely used, and have prominent advertising positions. It is suitable for all kinds of business activities and exhibitions and trade fairs, and is an ideal advertising promotion gift for enterprises and institutions.

Custom non-woven bags for you

We are a non-woven bag manufacturer and supplier from China, we have rich experience engaged in customizing non-woven bags as gift bags for businesses and individuals. Our customized non-woven gift bags have been sold to major European and American countries such as USA, Canada and so on.